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Happy 2024 – What’s Ahead at GrandView

By Kelly Morgan, CFP®

Happy New Year! Sure, it’s late January and I’m just getting this out to everyone, but January has been just silly. Between kids going back to school (then out and then back again), a less than enjoyable week of frigid temperatures, a cold here, a touch of Covid there, we are just getting back into our routines—thank goodness! We ended 2023 strong and are looking forward to the opportunities of a fresh new calendar and the possibilities ahead in 2024.

Alisha is officially back from maternity leave. Baby Andy has visited his GrandView family a few times here at the office and is getting so big. We are very excited to have his mom back with us. The team – Kirsten, Reed, Kellie, and Ann—did an incredible job while she was out. I’m so grateful for the teamwork that made Alisha’s absence a smooth transition for our clients.

We are thrilled to have added Billy Doughty to the team back in September. He has been a great fit on our team and brings a tax planning specialty which means he has one of us knocking on his door to run questions by him about every day.

Larry will be starting his Retirement Planning Today seminars at UAB at the end of the month. He and Billy are meeting together with clients as Larry thinks ahead to retirement and more time in his travel trailer in 2025. 

Mike and Michael are focused on bringing in new clients for 2024. Michael is enrolled in the CFP coursework and plans to take the test later this year and we are excited about the possibility of adding another CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ on our GV team.

The GrandView team spent December putting together our goals and strategic plan for 2024. We looked at how we want to grow as well as what we can improve on operationally. We have tweaked a couple of roles and have established quarterly goals to hold each other accountable throughout the year.

Some upcoming things are excited about:

  • New GrandView logo and branding: You may have noticed our new logo which is part of a bigger plan Haley has been working on for 2024.
  • New GrandView website: We are completely redoing our website with updated information and ease of use to be more interactive for our clients.
  • New Tools for Clients: Some are analog, and some are digital. We are looking at different ways to get organized and be more efficient. We will be reaching out to you to check beneficiaries and trusted contacts as well as have contacts on file that you allow us to talk with on your behalf.
  • Push for Estate Planning Documents and Family Meetings: We have done a pretty good job of talking you into updating your wills, Powers of Attorney, and Healthcare Directives. We like to keep them on file here and keep a digital copy for you. Once we accomplish that we want to make sure you are having a family meeting. The documents are great and much needed but there is planning beyond the legal documents like – what happens if…
  • Succession Planning: Finally, just like having an estate plan, the lead advisor team at GrandView needs to have a succession plan. On the heels of Bob’s retirement in 2023 and Larry’s retirement in the future, we are working on the next generation of succession plans for Kelly, Billy, and Mike.

For you as a client and for our families, this is a critical part of our financial plans:

  • As a fiduciary for our clients, this protects them if something happens to one of us.
  • Keeps the GrandView service team in place for our clients because they do the important work.
  • Protects our families by being able to continue our business.
  • Its good for GrandView.

We will continue to work with local non-profits in the new year and are so grateful for your generosity with our food drive benefiting the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama and our Socktober under garment drive benefiting Firehouse Ministries. As always, we will have Shred Day in the fall and our newest tradition with the Open House in the Spring.

The thing we most look forward to this year is growing our relationship with you, our clients. We love what we do here at GrandView Financial Group and are always looking forward to helping you achieve your GrandView of life.