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Sounding Board for the Next Generation

By Kelly Morgan, CFP®

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? Where the choice you made as a reader determined the main character’s outcome? Financial planning is kind of like that. The choices you make now will determine the life you get to lead later on.

That’s why your 30s and 40s are a great time to start making smart choices for your long-term financial health. But where do you start? Do you need to contribute more to your retirement? Should you invest money in your kid’s college fund or look at investing in real estate? 

It can all seem daunting. That’s why we’re here to help.

To get started, here are 5 foundational pieces to work toward your financial plan:

  • #1 Cash Flow Understand your cash flow — how much is coming in and going out each month. 
  • #2 Investment Account Establish an investment account with automatic, consistent contributions. 
  • #3 Emergency Fund Build an emergency fund — start with $1,000 and then work towards 3-6 months of savings.
  • #4 Will, Power of Attorney & Health Directive No matter your age — you need a Will, a Power of Attorney and a Health Directive.
  • #5 Term Life Insurance You also should consider Term Life Insurance.

Now, that all may seem a little more complicated than deciding whether a book character chooses door #2 or #3. That’s why we help take the stress out of the process and make it as easy as possible – with digital tools for every step along the way – from scheduling to seeing a snapshot of your financial plan. We pair technology with a personal touch. This is not a cookie-cutter approach.

I can’t wait to sit down with you to talk about your unique needs and goals for the future.

 You tell us where you want to go. We’ll provide the map… for your grandview of life.